Our Story

Evolution in Excellence

Born from a vision, Nate Laundry has evolved into a market leader, driven by a passion for redefining the commercial laundry landscape

Headquarters and Facilities
  • star The company is headquartered in Chennai, Tamil Nadu.
  • star It operates with office and warehouse facilities in Ambattur Industrial Estate, Chennai.
  • star This strategic location covers a wide reach, serving most of the southern states.
  • star Additional hubs, like the one in Bangalore, have been established to enhance customer service.

NATE's Purpose

  • star NATE was established to drive innovation in India's commercial laundry sector.
  • star Its mission is to provide effective laundry solutions to communities and citizens.

Factors Driving Demand

The demand for commercial laundry services in India is propelled by various factors

  • star Hygiene and cleanliness are becoming paramount in laundry choices.
  • star Affordable laundry services are gaining popularity.
  • star Changing fast paced lifestyles.
  • star Advanced business models are revolutionizing the laundry industry.
  • star Urbanization is a key driver of the demand for modern laundry solutions.

Introducing Our Company Highlights

Why We Lead the Industry

Organized Structure with 400+ staff
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Efficient operations and seamless customer interactions
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Spacious Warehouse Storage to fulfill demanding high volume orders
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Extensive network with branches and hubs
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Service across diverse locations
technical expert
Technical Expertise

Globally trained technicians possess the skills to design, install, service, and troubleshoot, delivering top-notch solutions.

service support
Swift after sale service support

Authentic Parts to maintain machine integrity and durability.

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Our Expertise

Industry Insight: Whether in hospitality, healthcare, or beyond, our extensive experience enables us to understand and meet the unique demands of various sectors.

Multilingual Staff’s

Our diverse team, fluent in multiple regional languages, ensures seamless communication and cultural understanding, fostering strong connections & support.

On-premise Laundry solutions

Innovation Beyond Limits: Our tailor made setups merge convenience, cost effectiveness, mobile app integration, and community building, redefining laundry management.

  • star Everyone needs clean clothes!
  • star Ready to make a clean profit?
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Corporate Guidance

CSR Initiatives: We specialize in steering corporate CSR projects like hindustan unilever - suvidha center, city police hospital and little lamb school retteri. through strategic laundry setups, helping you make impactful decisions that resonate.